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We’re an MSP helping Merchants and Businesses Build and Protect their Product and Services using Web Applications (AWS, Azure, Google), POS and Security Devices and Private Cloud Configuration. We offer a Free Cyber Security Audit providing Security Compliance insight against potential Operational Weaknesses and Cyber Vulnerabilities.
From AI implementation to Ransomware Strategies.
We can help make the complex simple

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From initial concept to final execution, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Secure Web Transactions

P2PE, 2FA, Optimize and Secure your Website for Safe Online Transactions.

PCI-DSS eCommerce Solutions

POS devices, Cloud Apps. AWS and Security Certified Specialist.

Certified Staff

Security and AWS Certified Consultants available for Design and Maintenance of Systems.

Collaboration & Training

Training and experience with ExxonMobil, Xfinity, Cisco System, Citibank and Vanguard.

Meet the Founder

Don Dorsey has worked in IT for over 16 years with earned certifications of CISSP, CEH, CASP, Security+, and CCNA. Experience working at Vanguard Financial, ExxonMobil, Comcast, CitiGroup and Cisco Systems in Field and Security Operation Centers. Don earned his PCI-DSS experience with the PCI SSC recognized QSA Eretmis, New York, NY.

“We’re dedicated to servicing the business community by providing access to Certified Professionals that know how to Implement Advanced Security Technologies using Compliant proven Business Best Practices and Processes.
We also support a training program dedicated to educating local students in Computer Security and provide On the Job training supporting POS equipment Sales and Service”

Don Dorsey

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Choose POS solutions from Clover, Slice, North American Bancard, PayAnywhere, Edge Programs, FieldPulse, Payment Hubs, First Data, DeJavoo, PCS, and Clearent including other ISV solutions. Call 800-519-0700

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